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Post  (GE)Urbana on Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:38 pm

Hi guys cheers
I want to share tips and tactics of the game between us. Very Happy
also left a link found on the Internet for your interest.

these are some points that I have for to play and improve.

1 .- Run for it without looking around.
is a mistake that even I have, usually the enemy takes good position on points key, run without paying attention to your surroundings can lead to get a good shot in the head or being hit.

2 .- Reload weapons.
Usually, reload my weapons, 10 or less ammunition.
when I recharge my weapon try to find a safe place or free of enemies, if this can not be possible to change to my second weapon or pistol.
-recharge a weapon in middle of a battle is suicidal.
-switch weapons, face an enemy also is suicidal.
-when you forget to recharge your weapons, you have a nice click XD. Shocked

3.-Learning to listen
This is important because it helps you identify if the enemy is near or far.
if the enemy walking on grass, jumping, you are healing, or have little stamina.
with a good headset You can identify these movements, and knowing where the enemy is.

4.-Precision shooting.
usually shoots the chest, good players point to the head.
is difficult but I try to aim for the head, not too high because then shot to the wall. hehe
be accurate with the shots and speed is hard work that is achieved with training.
I have increased my sensitivity paulativamente mouse.
this helps me to have more movement.

5.- Mood
play without motivation, it gives me a flashback to my early days of rookie.
happened to me sometimes and when this happens I take a break or leave the game for another time.
play and wanting to kill the first to get in front of more help to have a good time.

Greetings | Salut | Groeten | Saludos Razz

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Game tips and tactics Empty Re: Game tips and tactics

Post  Invité on Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:25 pm

Ahah, I think I should progress in reload weapon... I must be suicidal Suspect I reload anywhere, anytime and in any situation when I have 20 or less.. I think the mood is very important to play better, motivation is more important than skill, but skill can help Wink Think that the enemy can be everywhere, feel the killer instinct and don't panic if you miss a shot.. As you're alive, you're not dead Twisted Evil


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