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Post  (GE)SamX on Mon Mar 07, 2011 7:27 am

Hi all,

Tonight there was something strange on the server.
The name of players was modified by one of an other player every 20 seconds. Suspect

(GE)Brez an (GE)Overseer were also online.

I don't know what is this kind of hack... 1st time I see it.
I will try to find mor info on google.
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Nickname changes Empty Re: Nickname changes

Post  (GE)Tango on Mon Mar 07, 2011 8:32 am

Cheaters. The player changes his alias every 2 seconds or something like.

I know that player. He has been entering GE server for a long time, specially because of me. I dont know why. I kick him yesterday.

I think all this began when some players accused me I was wallhacking. (BTW, first of them a Spanish one).

2 days after that, A LOT of cheaters entered GE server. All of them calling me cheater and using nicknames like like:

(GE)Tang0, etc.

My wife (who plays too) know how to permanent ban on GE server. I used to see the web site from work when I have 5 min., to see who are playing and his/her kills. If someone got too many kills and I dont know him/her, I tell my wife to connect GE server and spec him/her. Ill try to be connected on xfire on my smartphone. If you see a player cheating, please message me.


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